dr Maja Lubańska

dr Maja Lubańska
Position starszy wykładowca
Department Department of English and Comparative Linguistics
Office hours http://www.ifa.uni.wroc.pl/dla-studenta/office-hours/?lang=pl
About me
I am a graduate of Wrocław University. My M.A. thesis was devoted to an analysis of scrambling in Polish within the generative framework. In 1998 I joined the Institute of English Studies as a Ph.D. student. My doctoral dissertation was a minimalist study of wh-questions in Polish. Since October 2004 I have been a faculty member of the institute, where I teach a variety of courses on the English language. Currently my research centers on language change, and my primary interest is grammaticalisation theory.
Since September 1st, 2013 I have been faculty head for student affairs.

My publications:

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