mgr Jason Schock

mgr Jason Schock
Department Department of Second Language Learning and Teaching
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Jason Schock is a graduate of Fort Lewis College (a branch of Colorado State University) in Durango, Colorado. It was during his studies there that he first began tutoring English to foreign students. Not only did he find he enjoyed the work but he was advised by many of them to go abroad to begin a career of such teaching. Thusly, immediately after graduating, Jason accepted the invitation of a Japanese friend and ended up finding a job in a private language school/hippie commune (No joke!) on the northern island of Japan. After completing his 3-month employment agreement there, he moved to the Tokyo/Yokohama area where he quickly found work in Evergreen, another private language school.

After nearly two years in Japan, Jason decided that, although he adored the work, Japan was not the place for him. Unsure how to proceed, Jason returned to Colorado and took a temporary job in a factory, eventually working himself into a computing/data processing job there. With this experience, he took another computer job, on a "Helpdesk", and then ended up following that line of work into a job with Boise State University in Idaho.

Having only one friend in Idaho, Jason sought to broaden his social circle by joining a couple of the University clubs, including the International Student Association. It was through this organization that Jason met his future wife and many other wonderful, international people. In his second year at Boise State, Jason became the advisor to the International Student Association and received the "Advisor of the Year" award at the end of that year. Nevertheless, his heart had already flown to Poland with his future wife, Anna, so in June of 1999, Jason packed up as much as he could afford to bring and moved to the city of Wrocław.

In Wrocław, Jason's first job was teaching summer camps for Lektor foreign language school. Jason continued teaching in that school until 2007, but also worked in other schools around Wrocław. One such school was the prestigious (infamous?) High School 14, from 2002 to 2006. It was while preparing some formal documents for his employment at "14-ka" that he was invited (by Prof. (dr hab.) Bożena Rozwadowska) to apply to the Institute of English Studies of the University of Wrocław. For reasons still not fully understood to this day, Jason was accepted to the teaching staff of the Institute in 2005, and has continued teaching there ever since.

Jason's heartfelt love of teaching, which has only grown stronger through the years, is a fact any of his students could attest to. In addition to his full-time workload teaching Conversation classes, Jason has joined with Elaine Horyza to lead students of the Institute in a performance of Christmas carols in English every year.

In October 2008, Jason completed a master's degree from the Institute of English Studies under the wing of Professor (dr hab.) Anna Michońska-Stadnik, to whom he is most grateful. The topic of his M.A. thesis was "Implicit/Explicit Instruction in Learning Appropriate Use of Dishonesty When Writing American Résumés" ("Pośrednie/Bezpośrednie Wskazówki w Nauce Prawidłowego Zastosowania Nieuczciwości w Pisaniu Życiorysu w Amerykańskim Stylu", or sometimes paraphrased as "How To Teach Students To Lie on Résumés Like Americans Do").