dr hab. Teresa Bruś, prof. UWr

dr hab. Teresa Bruś, prof. UWr
Department Department of English Literature and Comparative Studies
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I hold a B.GS degree from Auburn University, AL and M.A. and PhD degrees from Wrocław University. My doctoral dissertation focused on aspects of “profound frivolity” in W. H. Auden’s poetry. I am also a graduate of the International Forum of Photography in Wrocław. I am the director of a new centre of life writing research at the Institute of English Studies. In 2016 the centre organized an international Workshop on Portrait and Portraying.

Research Profile:

My research explores contemporary visual culture, interactions of photography and literature, subjectivity, and life writing. I am particularly interested in the essay and the diary. I am also interested in ekphrastic poetry.

Teaching Experience:

My teaching includes modules featuring PhD monograph lectures on the face and defacement in modern literature and visual culture, M.A. seminars on autobiographical narratives, electives on poetry of the 1930s, English modernism and visual and verbal portraiture, life and work of Wystan Hugh Auden and Virginia Woolf. These areas reflect my research interests.

Currently I am supervising PhD dissertations on Doris Lessing, Virginia Woolf and the animal turn.

Selected Publications:

“Crying Fire in a Theatre: Auden’s Harlequinades.” Miscelánea vol. 20, 1999.

“Essaying in Autobiography: Wystan Hugh Auden’s and Walter Benjamin’s Faces.” Biography: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  Vol. 33.2, Spring 2010.

“A Collection of Selves: Louis MacNeice’s Autumn Journal.Connotations: A Journal of Critical Debate. Vol. 22.2 2012/2013.

“A Hiatus between Places: Stephen Spender and David Hockney’s China Diary.Anglica Wratislaviensia xlviii, 2010.

“Essay, Essaying, Essayism and the Experience of Reading.” Kształcenie językowe. 9 (19). 2011.

 “Photographic Portraits of the Mother in Roland Barthes and Tadeusz Różewicz.” Prose Studies. History, Theory, Criticism. Vol. 33.1, April 2011.

“Exposing Experience and Facing Photography.” In: Discussing Modernity: A Dialogue with Martin Jay. Amsterdam: Radolpi, 2013. (chapter)

“When the Self Portrays the Self: Composite Portraiture.” Anglica Wratislaviensia xlix, 2011.

“Agency in Photographic Self-Portraits: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and the Exposure of the Camera.” Theory and Practice in English Studies. Vol. vii.1, 2014.

“Visual and Verbal Relationships in Memoirs by Annie Leibovitz and Sally Mann.”  Dyskurs 20/2015.

“Virginia Woolf Looks at Portraits.” In: Production of Emotions: Perspectives and Functions. Silesian Studies in Anglophone Cultures and Literatures 6, Peter Lang, 2015.

“Recent Zones of Portraiture: The Selfie.” The European Journal of Life Writing, article in print journal, 2017.

“The ‘I’ and the ‘not I’: Self-Knowledge in Friendship.” In: Politics and Poetics of Friendship.  Peter Lang, 2017.

Life Writing as Self-Collecting in the 1930s: Cecil Day Lewis and Louis MacNeice (2012) (monograph).

Currently I am working on a book on changing meanings and uses of the face in English and Polish photo-literature of the 1920s and the 1930s.

Recent Conference Participation:

“Auto/biography in Transit” (IABA) Banff, Canada; “Doing Face: Gesicht Als Ereignis” Goethe-Universität Frankfurt; “Images of Identity” The University of Zurich; “The Auden Generation and After” Sheffield Hallam University; “Politics and Poetics of Friendship” Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków;