dr Marcin Walczyński

dr Marcin Walczyński
Position assistant professor
Department Department of Translation Studies
Office hours http://www.ifa.uni.wroc.pl/dla-studenta/office-hours/?lang=pl
Classes taught at the Institute of English Studies
  • Introduction to interpreting
  • Introduction to simultaneous interpreting
  • Note-taking for consecutive interpeting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Sight translation
  • Theoretical fudamentals of interpreting
  • Legal translation
  • Business translation
  • Certified translation
  • CAT tools
  • Translation theory
  • B.A. seminar
  • M.A. semiar
  • Writing
  • Academic writing
List of publications


  • [49] 2017 „Assessing interpreting trainees’ performance in a consecutive interpreting test with reference to affective factors: a proposal of a consecutive interpreting assessment tool". [W:] Julian Maliszewski (red.) Cognitive Approaches to Specialist Translation. Częstochowa: Publishing Office of Czestochowa University of Technology /pp.: 121-135/ ROZDZIAŁ W MONOGRAFII
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  • [40] 2015 „Educating translators for the European transfer of culture, knowledge and technology in the Polish context”. [W:] Mariusz Kamiński, Marcin Walczyński, Małgorzata Kurpiel, Michail Bilinsky, Alla Paslavska (red.) European Transfer of Culture in Literature, Language and Foreign Language Teaching: A Monograph Celebrating Academic Cooperation between Nysa and Lviv.Nysa: Oficyna Wydawnicza PWSZ w Nysie. Współautor: Iwona Sikora /pp.: 91-108/ROZDZIAŁ W MONOGRAFII, REDAKCJA 
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Marcin Walczyński, Ph.D.

  • assistant professor in the Department of Translation Studies (Institute of English Studies, University of Wrocław, Poland)
  • in-house business English teacher in a British company
  • certified translator and interpreter of English (affiliated to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland, no. TP/82/14)
  • translation and interpreting trainer
  • translation agency owner
  • scholarly interests include:
    • translation and interpreting studies
    • linguistics