Centre for Gender Studies

Center for Gender Studies – University of Wroclaw 
is a research group of faculty members and doctoral students at the Department of English Studies, University of Wrocław, which aims to

  • intensify research projects on gender studies in literature and culture
  • advance critical analyses of gender role stereotypes and their representations in film, literature, life writing, graphic memoirs, visual arts, and new media studies
  • investigate the relations between gender, society, and power
  • organize guest lecture series on “Gender Matters in Film and Culture” 
  • popularize gender studies methodologies in workshops and conferences focusing on a diversity of approaches within feminism and intersectionality
  • collaborate with the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at York University, Canada, on the project titled “Gender Studies in Poland”(Prof. Eva C. Karpinski)
  • take part in international research workshops and conferences on gender e.g. Gender and Transformation in Europe Workshop, New York University (Prof. Janet E. Johnson)
  • cooperate with the Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin (Dr. Gabriele Jähnert)
  • foster further national and international cooperation and faculty/student exchange with other centers, research institutions and universities focusing on gender issues in teaching and research
  • conduct workshops on interdisciplinary gender equality, discrimination and gender-based violence prevention and gender mainstreaming (e.g. The Centre for Gender Equality, Iceland)
  • encourage research projects in gender studies (B.A. and M.A. seminars) and develop a Ph.D. Gender Studies Program
  • promote the systematic accumulation of literature and films on gender studies within the Department of English Library
  • use social media to create virtual reader and research community and publish on current developments in gender studies


Facebook: Center for Gender Studies– University of Wroclaw

Website: http://www.ifa.uni.wroc.pl/american/cfgs.php

Twitter: @Genderwro

dr Elżbieta Klimek-Dominiak, Head of the Center for Gender Studies
dr hab. Dominika Ferens, prof. UWr
dr hab. Zofia Kolbuszewska, prof. UWr
dr Katarzyna Nowak-McNeice

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