Title: International Conference: Languages in Contact/ Cultures in Contact 2018

Organisers: Committee for Philology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw Branch, Poland, Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw, Poland, Israel Study Center, Israel, Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences, University of Salzburg, Austria, Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology, University of Malta, Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, Poland, International Communicology Institute, Washington, D.C., USA, Institute of English Studies, University of Wroclaw, Poland, College for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Wroclaw, Poland

Dates: 16-17.06.2018

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Call for papers

Title: Generation BioWare. Story-Driven Games in Contemporary Humanities

Organisers: Wydziałowe Laboratorium Gier Wideo, Zakład Literatury i Kultury Amerykańskiej, Pracowania Literatury i Kultury  Popularnej oraz Nowych Mediów

: 5-7.12.2017


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