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DSL 1 English Literature Exanimation

English Literature end-of-the-year exam will take place on 26 June (Friday) and it will last 90 minutes. Due to the circumstances of lockdown, it will take a written, online form and will consist of three questions: one question covering the lectures and two about the material discussed during the classes (interpretation of an excerpt and a descriptive question).

Between 12:00 and 12:05, each student will receive an email (to the account) with a link to Microsoft Forms, where each answer will need to be entered. The online form will have to be submitted by 1:35 pm. 

Questions about the exam may be directed to the lecturers teaching the classes.


The literature exam will take place July 7th (Tuesday) , July 9th (Thursday),  and July 10th  (Friday) 2020. This will be a speaking exam via Microsoft Teams, whenever possible with cameras turned on. There will be no face-to-face exam.  The exam will be recorded.  Students will receive an email with a list of names and dates and time slots assigned to them. The exam will begin with the student picking two numbers in order to receive two questions: question 1 will be a general problem question based on the material covered in lectures and classes this year, and question 2 will concern quotation identification and context interpretation. There will be no time to prepare answers. The time allocated to each student will be 15 minutes maximum. Should anyone experience technical difficulties and lose their slot, they will be given a chance to make up for the loss on July 10th at the end of the exam period. Exam results will be announced Friday, July 10th. Specific questions about the exam can be addressed to Prof. Teresa Bruś: teresa.brus