New Global Trends in the Humanities


Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub together with the Postcolonial Studies Center at the English Department, University of Wrocław, invites all to take part in one-day New Global Trends in the Humanities seminar on 25.10.2018; 9.45-12.00.

The seminar will focus on postcolonial contexts in digital humanities and posthumanism:

Prof. Nirmala Menon, Indore Institute of Technology, "From Canon to Code: Decolonizing Digital Humanities - A Scholarly Publishing Perspective,"

Dr. Mark Jackson, University of Bristol, "Re-thinking the questions of difference and critique: towards ecologies of care in the work of thought."

Venue: Institute of English Studies, ul. Kuźnicza 22, Room 208.

Details at http://acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/event/new-global-trends-in-the-humanities/

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Uroczysta immatrykulacja


7 października w Oratorium Marianum odbyła się uroczysta inauguracja roku akademickiego 2018/19 dla studentów studiów niestacjonarnych. Inaugurację prowadził Prodziekan Wydziału Filologicznego prof. dr hab. Igor Borkowski. Wykład inauguracyjny pt. "Language is part of your body: Why Sapir -Whorf is a fallacy" przeprowadził prof. Jeffery Parrott . Serdecznie witamy w gronie studentów anglistyki.

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Wykład gościnny


On Friday, October 12, 2018, IFA would like to invite you to join us at a guest lecture on trauma comics titled “The Risk of Exposure and the Limits of Empathy: Mobilizing the Pathos of Vulnerability in Trauma Comics” by an auto/biography, translation and comics scholar, prof. Eva C. Karpinski from York University, Canada. To reflect on the tangled relationship between vulnerability, traumatic memory, resistance, and transnational empathy, prof. Karpinski will discuss three graphic narratives: Safe Area Gorazde (2011) by Joe Sacco; UNeducation Volume 1: A Residential School Graphic Novel (2014) by Jason Eaglespeaker; and Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back (2015) by Priya Kuriyan et al. which show that, unlike traditional verbal translations that struggle with the problem of incommensurability of language in the face of traumatic circumstances, the graphic medium of comics can function as a more suitable transmitter of the difficult knowledge and affective registers of trauma, communicating them through visual objects as much as words.

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David Punter


On 17 October (Wednesday) IFA will host one of the world's greatest experts on Gothic literature - Prof. David Punter from the University of Bristol. The author of over twenty academic books and several collections of poetry will speak on the tradition of the English ghost story at 3 pm in room 208. More information on Prof. Punter:


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