• Carols at IFA

    Carols at IFA

    On 15th December, for the eleventh time in a row, Elaine Horyza and Jason Schock organised a carol-singing event at the Institute. Congratulations and a massive thank-you to Elaine and Jason as well as to all the singers (23 in total!) who contributed to this year's spectacular performance!

  • Prof. Mark Turner's visit to Wrocław

    Prof. Mark Turner's visit to Wrocław

    Professor Mark Turner, one of the 'Founding Fathers' of Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Science, visited Wrocław for 5 days, Oct 23-27, at the invitation of our Institute and the Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association.

    During his lectures and workshops, Professor Turner talked about:

    a) his global 'Human Genome' research project into multimodal communication, called 'Red Hen Lab'. Part of the already well developed research infrastructure of Red Hen Lab is the UCLA Newsscape Corpus, which contains about  300,000 hours of international television news, and 4 billion words. The prestigious list of academic institutions cooperating within the project includes for example Oxford University, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), University of Alberta and - a recent addition - the University of Wrocław,

    b) conceptual integration (also known as conceptual blending) - a theory of cognitive operations that trigger human creativity, created by Mark Turner and Gilles Fauconnier.

    The lectures and workshops - organised by Dr Jacek Woźny - were attended by over 500 participants, including about 400 high school students, 80 IFA students, and 50 scholars from Polish universities.

    Prof. Turner's visit was sponsored by the Municipality of Wrocław (Scientiae Wratislaviensis Fund) as part of the 'Visiting Professors' project.

    Mark Turner in Wrocław - photos and videos

  • Ambassador of Canada at the Institute

    Ambassador of Canada at the Institute

    On 3 November His Excellency the Ambassador of Canada Stephen de Boer gave a guest lecture at the Institute entitled "Canada and Multiculturalism". Afterwards, he answered many questions from students and staff concerning Canada's immigration policy, the refugee crisis and the presidential election in the US.