Paper submission guidelines

Paper submission guidelines for Anglica Wratislaviensia

1. All papers should be submitted as Word for Windows doc or docx file.  Times New Roman 12 point type should be used in the main text. Long citations, notes and references should be written in 10 point type.
2. Article size: ca 4000 words, including abstract, notes, and the list of references.
3. Article should be preceded by an abstract of 200 to 250 words, in Times New Roman 11 point type, single spaced, left justified.
4. Throughout the main text of the article 1.5 space should be used. Single spacing must be used in long citations, notes and references. The whole text must be left-justified.
5. The Author’s name and affiliation should be written in the top left corner in Times New Roman 12 point type.
6. The title should be written in bold capitals, centred.
7. According to the Anglica series requirement, notes should be placed at the bottom of the page and numbered sequentially.
8. Sections of the article must be numbered sequentially. Their titles should be left justified, boldface. Only the first word and any proper names should be capitalized in section titles.
9. Page numbers should be given at the centre of the bottom margin.
10. For terminology italics should be used (please do not underline).
11. Tables and diagrams must be numbered sequentially and each must have a title/caption at the bottom of the picture/diagram. Please refer to University Publisher's guidelines for diagrams and illustrations.
12. References inside the text should look like this:
(Brown 2000); (Brown 2000: 13); when the same author is quoted frequently and only one work/paper by this author is quoted from, only  the author’s name  and page number in brackets should be given—e.g. (Brown, 27). However, when this author is mentioned for the first time, full reference is necessary.
13. List of references should contain only those items that are mentioned inside the text.
14. List of references should be arranged alphabetically and presented  in the following way:

Brown, H.D. 2000. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching. White Plains, NY: Pearson Education.

Articles in journals:
Schachter, J. 1974. “An error in error analysis.” Language Learning 27.  205-214.

Articles/chapters in books edited by other authors:
Walter,  S. 2008. “The Language of Instruction Issue: Framing an Empirical Perspective.”  In:  Spolsky, B. and F.M. Hult (eds.) The Handbook of Educational Linguistics. Malden, MA:  Blackwell Publishing, 129-146.

Online references:
Schachter,  J.  2005.  “Title.”  Online address.  Date of access.

15. Upon submitting a text to Anglica Wratislaviensia, the Author declares that she/he is the holder of propriety copyright to the text, that the text is free of any legal defects, and that it has not been published elsewhere, either in full or in part, and is not currently under review at another journal. Further, the Author grants free permission for the publication of the text in Anglica Wratislaviensia journal as well as its distribution (unlimited in time and territory), including marketing copies available on the Internet either free of charge or at a fee.

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